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Portuguese Fashion, a Precious interpretation of Sustainability

If there’s a place in the world that worries about sustainability, it’s Europe. And no, we’re not exaggerating. European stores are increasingly demanding sustainable fashion. And they’re not doing it blindly. They do it because young people are demanding it. They are worried about the environment, about people, and are willing to pay more for clothes made under ethical and ecological parameters. Bathed by the Douro river and crowned by Galicia’s estuaries, Portugal roars. Portuguese brands and designers who have a sustainable DNA, have decided to step up.
Portugal has various projects on the table, with which it wants to promote sustainability. Its young designers and numerous fashion brands who want to advance in this area deserve to do so. During Modtissimo’s last edition, the most important fashion and textile fair in Portugal, which took place from February 21st to 22nd in Porto, Paulo Vaz, the ATP (The Textile and Apparel Association of Portugal) General Director stated that technology and sustainability are two major factors in Portuguese fashion brands. These are definitely unique differentiators, perfect sales arguments and, what’s more important, they are very necessary nowadays, given what is happening in our times.

Paulo Vaz advises us to look into the Green Textile Club, a club created for brands who seek to excel in textile certifications and “know-how”. It was created by ATP and Citec, the Portuguese textile/clothing R & D center. At Citec, José Morgado, technology and engineering services director, gave us some good news: “We’re working on a project that aims to promote sustainable fashion. You’ll see the results in September”.

Some designers have already gotten ahead. A new generation of young Portuguese people wants to change the way the world looks at Portuguese fashion, a fashion that is more than 200 years old, and which has managed to rise from the ashes of offshoring to reinvent itself. We present below the best sustainable brands that showed their latest collections during Modtissimo.

Juliana Gevaerd_Bio
Known for sensitivity in her creations, the fashion designer Juliana Gevaerd presents her first collection of the Juliana Gevaerd_Bio project. In partnership with Natural Cotton Color, the pieces are made with organic cotton, which is born colorful.

Based in Paraíba, non-irrigated production generates savings of 85.5% of the production chain, making the product special and sustainable with the reduction of water consumption and other dyeing components. The first mix of the brand name gets Zeitgeist – ‘Spirit of time’. The plots and textures that the stylist encountered in developing weaving with such special yarns made possible pieces with fluidity between basic and conceptual styles.

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